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Experience Dream 2 Xtreme and forever transform your perception of special event entertainment. D2X fuses urban street jam, Xtreme stunts and over-the-top production elements. The stage pulsates with acrobats, drummers, dancers and stunt performers choreographed into an edgy spectacle. It’s a wild ride with rhythms that pull at the senses and invite the audience to become one with the dream. All of their shows are completely customizable and can be integrated with celebrity & famous athlete appearances. Among their acts include:

  • URBAN JAM-These 100% high energy musicians will use sticks, pipes and existing objects along with their feet, hands and bodies to create the different rhythms.
  • XTREME WHEELS-BMX bikers perform their amazing skills and bicycle manipulations to techno-rock music.
  • BEAT BOX JUGGLER-The world’s only rhythmic juggling beatboxer! He blends music, comedy, raw skill and contagious energy in a way that you’ve never before experienced. His one man “circus of sound” is unbelievably just a mouth and a body full of pulsing rhythmic energy, and combined with charismatic audience interaction, this is a show that will leave you in awe.
  • JUMP ROPE TEAM-Straight from America’s Best Dance Crew and the Ellen show, these amazing, high energy performers are a breath of fresh air….performing dance/hip hop moves combined with jump rope skills; they are a sure crowd pleaser.
  • EXTREME MARTIAL ARTS-These high energy performers blend traditional martial arts such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do with gymnastics, acrobatics and high energy music to create an extreme high flying display of talent, strength and stamina.
  • WATER RHYTHM EXTREME-Combining tap dancers, drummers, hip hop dancers, light effects, and water this unique performance will create a high octane performance that is unlike any other.
  • BKB SLAM-These performers combine the talents of gymnasts and trampoline specialists to create one of the most high energy performances around.  High velocity trampoline dunks, brilliant acrobatics and showstopping energy make this breathtaking performance.
  • RAPELLING-Our gravity defying acrobats will rappel off the building or structure and do ‘fly aways’ with flips and spins.  Always a surprise and thrill for the guests.
  • EXTREME TRAMPOLINE-Olympic caliber athletes perform high flying aerial acrobatics with skis and snowboards on trampolines.
  • PARKOUR or FREE RUNNING-This newly popularized sport involves ‘efficient movement around obstacles.’  Performers utilize either existing structures or pre-designed ones to vault, roll, run, climp, flip and leap from place to place.  It is always a sight to watch!
  • VELOCITY STILT JUMPERS-These velocity stilt jumpers will thrill with their high flying skills.  From jumping, flipping, dancing and running….these performers will create a high energy experience for the guests.
  • ORB CONTORTION-This unique performance utilizes a large plastic ‘Orb’ ball and a contortionist inside!! This is truly a one of a kind experience!

Xtreme rocks, Xtreme lives, Xtreme is. Please contact SME today to Book Dream 2 Xtreme

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