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-The COR Principle: The Foundation of Interpersonal and Corporate Dynamics
– Transforming Periods in the Life of Corporations
– Stop Thinking Linearly! Resonance is the Key – Don’t Heal the Bandage, Heal the Wound

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Roman Oleh Yaworsky is a transformer. He has transformed the lives of countless people thorough his individual coaching, consulting, leadership training, and pioneering workshops. Roman’s secret? Focusing on what matters. What matters in the end is to ask yourself one simple question: Whose life are you living? Roman is no stranger to transformation himself. At a young age, he began a meditation practice on his own and experienced his spiritual awakening at 15. It began a lifelong search that brought him to living masters in Tibetan Buddhism, Kashmir Saivism and later the Q’ero healing tradition of the High Andes of Peru. With formal degrees in Medical Illustration and Biochemistry, Roman has had the unique opportunity to bridge inner knowledge and experiential validation with the concise and practical stance of modern science. An educator, spiritual coach and mentor, he is established in native and yogic healing traditions and is a master consulting astrologer with an international clientele. Roman’s latest book, “Being Centered,” is a manual for transformation and Leadership Development. Someone once remarked, “It is the best life coach I have ever encountered, and it’s a book!” This book takes a fundamentality different approach to healing and growth, answering two critical, life-changing questions: How did we lose our authentic self, our connection to our core? And, how do we regain our destiny, our power, and aliveness?
Roman addresses the key challenges for both individuals and corporations in our time. We are in the transition between exploitive expansion and sustainable business strategies for the future. We have to begin to look at companies in their fullness, as not only self-sustaining dynamics isolated within themselves, but as living entities that are part of their ecosystem and most importantly, at their core, made up of people at all levels. Companies can no longer allow themselves to be defined from the outside. Like any other living organism, they must define themselves from within. Once established, that aliveness attracts business, because others seek to participate. In the last ten years, Roman has formulated the COR Principle (TM), a means of identifying the interactive dynamics within corporations revealing not only their strengths and challenges, but also where the improvements are hiding; where the right effort is most likely to bring success. Co-owner of SpiritUnleashed and Companies Alive, Roman is a creative activist for positive change. Contact SME as the Roman Yaworsky booking agency for booking Roman Yaworsky as a keynote speaker or entertainment speaker for your next event.

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