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AMERICAN URBAN STUDIES THEORIST FEE RANGE: Call for pricing Topics Understanding the Global Economic Crisis and Capturing the Opportunities Creative Class Communities – City, Regional, and Global Economic Growth Talent Wars: Talent Attraction and Retention of the ‘Best and Brightest’ Innovation, the Culture of Creativity and Managing for It Managing Diversity Creative Class Consumption: Marketing to the Creative Class Real-estate, the Importance of Location in a Spiky World and Maximizing your ROI in Place

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Senior advisor to business, civic and political leaders around the world and author of the groundbreaking bookThe Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida tells how self-motivated, creative people are challenging the traditional structures of society and details how the emergence of this new social class is profoundly transforming work, leisure, community and everyday life. Success in the future, says Florida, is not just about technology, government, management or even power, but about people and their dynamic and emergent patterns of relationships. Florida helps audiences understand how the locations of certain talent pools influence daily life in those areas and how the success of these areas is often dependent on the talent available-whether it chooses to remain or is drawn elsewhere. Florida, an economist and sociologist, has been a featured commentator in PBS documentaries about the U.S. economy, global competitiveness and the future of jobs. Florida’s second book,The Flight of the Creative Class, examines the global competition for talent and his latest book, The Great Reset, looks at how economic downturns should be viewed as opportunities The Great Reset will provide a better map for understanding and navigating through and beyond today’s economic crisis. Florida draws in years of research, case studies and data to show that we are not just facing a shift in our banking and business structures, but a long-term fundamental reset of our entire way of life. Positioning business, regions and the overall economy to grow stronger in the coming decades will require a solid understanding of the Reset. This timely and important speech helps organizations, policy and decision makers to construct a new, more productive way of life for a new era built on a more authentic and sustainable prosperity.

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