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The Subconscious Aspects of Business Seeing is Believing Just Do It!

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Can one keynote really improve your sales or performance? Absolutely! For the past 30 years, Anthony Galie has been teaching audiences around the world how to get and stay motivated. As an author, speaker, and trained psychotherapist, Anthony has studied the secrets of top performers in every field. In his wildly entertaining keynotes, he shows you how they achieve the unthinkable – and how you can put the same scientific principles to work in your business and personal life. Anthony asks ‘What separates the truly exceptional – those high achievers who set the bar for everyone else – apart from their peers?’ Most people think it’s talent or education, but the reality is that those are rarely the difference. In fact, the biggest determining factor in a person’s success is their ability to practice visionary thinking. Those who can imagine a better world, and their place in it, are free to shape the future; those who can’t get left behind. Galie’s presentations address the subconscious – how to use it to develop a positive outlook, how to train it to improve concentration, and how to utilize it to achieve results. Please contact SME today to book Keynote Speaker Anthony Galie

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