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Matt Episcopo

FEE RANGE: $0 – $14,999

Topics: How To Secretly Use NLP Decoding & Interpreting, Nonverbal Communication, Secrets of Body Language, How To Create A Point Of Impact

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Enhance credibility and professionalism, reap rewards of referrals and re-bookings and leave your clients with skills and strategies that they are actually using before Matt Episcopo is even done speaking and long after. This highly decorated law enforcement veteran effectively teaches how to connect, and make a positive and powerful first impression, that will build trust and confidence upon first meeting. Learn how to have an unfair advantage and communicate by using the same techniques as FBI Hostage Negotiators, and convert meetings into relationships for business and life. Inspire your audience by booking Matt Episcopo by contacting a Matt Episcopo booking to get a proposal. Here are just a few of the skills:

  • How To Create A Point Of Impact: Build confidence, trust and rapport in under 10 seconds by using this secret sequence used by expert interrogators. Take your first impression to a whole new level and make a lasting positive first impression.
  • Secrets of Body Language: Learn how to see 80% more than you do now and use it to your advantage. Follow their clues like a pro… people call Matt the “psychic detective” and he will teach these skills to you
  • Decoding & Interpreting Nonverbal Communication: Their bodies are leaking clues, and yours might be, too. This could be the difference between deal and no deal.
  • How To Secretly Use NLP: Matt has been called a “human polygraph”. The eyes will show you where to take your conversation without them even knowing. Matt will show you how to add this powerful weapon to your arsenal.
  • How To Instantly Build And Maintain Rapport: with anyone… Think about it, Matt built rapport with criminals, like rapists, murderers, and thieves, who knew his goal was to put them in jail for what they did. Learn the secret so you can do it too.

Matt’s energy will light up the room and keep your attendees on the edge of their seat hanging on his every word. The information that Matt shares is easy to learn, can be done by anybody, and is proven to work. Matt’s presentations are engaging and interactive so that the attendees experience a high retention rate. Call SME today for booking Matt Episcopo as a keynote speaker, with us as the Matt Episcopo booking.

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