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Performance/Keynote: The Magic of Persistence & The Power of Rejection

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The son of Greek immigrants, Criss Angel has been dubbed “magic’s rock star” (TV Guide). A pop culture icon, the Long Island native has performed more hours of magic on primetime TV than any other magician in history. With six seasons and more than 100 episodes, his acclaimed A&E series, MINDFREAK®, became the most successful magic show of all time. In addition to his Las Vegas MINDFREAK® Live! residency, where he performs 400 shows annually for more than 500,000 people, Angel is an Internet sensation. Across his social media platforms, he has amassed more than 6 million followers—the most of any illusionist. His YouTube videos have garnered over 300 million views alone. He’s been named “Magician of the Year” an astounding six times, in addition to being named “Magician of the Decade,” “Magician of the Century” and “Innovator of the Decade,” among other accolades, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Angel’s greatest achievement, however, comes in the form of his Johnny Crisstopher Children’s Charitable Foundation—named for his three-year-old son following his leukemia diagnosis. The organization donates 100 percent of its proceeds to fund pediatric cancer research.
In his keynote address, Angel will share how hard work and vast ambition propelled his journey from blue-collar kid to global phenomenon and the magic he’s discovered along the way through staying the course, never giving up and proving the critics wrong. In addition to telling his unique story of unparalleled work ethic, Angel will inspire audiences to chase their dreams. By integrating close-up magic in his lecture (and some secrets), he will illustrate that what might look impossible to accomplish isn’t when you break it down—“Goal Mechanics.” Angel will motivate others to believe that anything is possible.
“I loved Houdini’s core message: ‘If I can get out of this situation, you can get out of yours,’ ” he writes in his bestselling book, Criss Angel MINDFREAK: Secret Revelations (HarperCollins). “When you think about it, my job is really about conquering fears. It’s about doing the impossible and being the very best person I can be. It’s about taking control of my destiny and being in control of all the outside elements that influence my daily life. If I lead by example, then perhaps you will find inspiration to do the same in your life. Life is death without change…” Bring a magical keynote to your event by booking Criss Angel.
As the mastermind behind a global brand that sets the bar for excellence in the elite field of magic, Angel leads by example on and off the stage. His road to superstardom was paved with unrivaled determination and unmatched discipline, and now he’s inspiring audiences to put in the hard work required to achieve big dreams. In his speech, he’ll share personal stories birthed from his rise to fame. “Everything I have; everything that I am, I worked for,” Angel adds. “Nothing was a gift.” Bring this amazing experience for an unforgettable event by contacting our Criss Angel booking.
In addition to emphasizing the significance of pure sweat equity, Angel will also teach audiences how to navigate the naysayers and turn rejection into the fuel that drives them to new heights. Interspersed with unique moments of magic, he’ll inspire others with the belief that anything can be achieved if you have faith in yourself. He’ll discuss the power that lies in confidence and the reward of persevering till the end. Keeping passion at the forefront of his speech, he’ll also help others discover ways to achieve ultimate happiness in their craft. Moreover, for those who feel they’ve reached the pinnacle of their success, Angel will address ways to stay the course for ultimate achievement.
Two framed letters sit side-by-side in Criss Angel’s home office. The first frame holds a rejection letter he received from an agency that declined representation of the now-famous illusionist. The second frame borders an article from Bloomberg Businessweek detailing Angel’s unprecedented career and a clip from Newsweek listing his show as the only magic production on the top-earning Las Vegas shows—bringing in over $150 million in one year. Each one serves as a powerful reminder to Angel of the purpose that lies in both persistence and rejection.
“I’m not special; I’m not different. I’m like everybody out there—young and old,” Angel contends. “If you have a dream, you can live your dream; but there’s no substitute for sweat equity, for passion, and for perseverance.
“Magic changed my life,” he concludes, and with this keynote, Angel will unlock the unbridled power of your mind, body and spirit and help change the trajectory of your life to fulfill your dreams.

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