Meet Josh


I was always drawn towards marketing. Channeling my energy and my love for puzzles into a job that I could only be described as: passionate. I was the youngest to attend rigours SEO workshops and internships in Orange County and was invited back each year to help teach the course. From there I discovered my drive for sharing what I know, helping businesses, and growing a large online strategy. This led me to becoming a speaker myself, educating students and businesses across the nation. Naturally a Talent Booking agency meshed with my ideals and I have been with SME Live Nation ever since, with the freedom of pushing my skills in SEO and always staying ahead of the competition.

Why I love what I do

My job of SEO (search engine optimization) is like tackling a large puzzle, but on a national basis. I love being able to develop strategies that bring in bookings from all over the US. The web is always changing, so this job keeps me on my toes.

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