Meet Corey


A Political Science graduate of UCLA, Corey started his career in 1989 with the William Morris Agency working closely with many of Hollywood’s premier writers, directors and actors. From William Morris, Corey transitioned to Sports Management Group, the St. Louis-based company that managed the careers of legendary sportsmen including Jerry Rice, William “Refrigerator” Perry, Ryne Sandberg and Randall Cunningham. A “Jerry Maguire” style football agent, Corey was in charge of recruiting players, and marketing and negotiating contracts in the fiercely competitive environment of professional football. In 1992 he became SMG’s Director of West Coast Operations where he helped position it as one of the region’s pre-eminent sports management companies.

While working for SMG, Corey recognized a growing interest from corporate America for prominent musical acts, comedians, and keynote speakers in the area of sports, politics and business. He made the decision to focus on marketing to corporate America and founded Sports Marketing & Entertainment, Inc. in 1992 with SMG as a minority partner. Building on established relationships with talent and sports agencies within the entertainment world, and his excellent negotiating skills, Corey was able to secure some of the biggest names in show business and sports on behalf of his corporate clients. As the company’s reputation steadily grew, Corey’s talent list expanded as well with such notable additions as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Willie Mays, professional coaches such as Joe Torre and Phil Jackson, and entertainers such as Jay Leno.

In 1995, Corey was able to acquire his partner’s minority interest and assume sole ownership of the company he founded. Over the past decade, SME has orchestrated high profile events for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Starbucks, General Motors, Goldman Sachs and Hewlett Packard. The roster of entertainers and keynote speakers he has worked with spans such luminaries as Sir Paul McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld and President Bush. Corey is well respected by his clients in both the corporate world and the talent business for his professionalism, dedication to customer service and commitment to excellence. He is also actively involved in a variety of charitable organizations, most notably Adopt-A-Minefield (AAM). Corey has produced the Annual AAM Gala featuring Sir Paul McCartney since 2002 and is honored to hold the Executive Vice Chair.

Why I love what I do

I love waking up each day to the constant challenge of helping my clients produce impeccable events. I also enjoy watching my clients get recognized for all of their hard work behind the scenes.

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