Best Political Speakers

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Best Political Speakers

With the 2016 Presidential election behind us, the minds of the United States citizens are on what direction our country will take. Political oriented speakers can provide commentary and insight into this subject matter, but in this blog we have compiled only the best.

Political Commentators

Why hire a Political Commentator? To get down to the details. These are the experts who have risen to the top of their profession.

  1. David Gergen – A former advisor to four U.S. Presidents, David Gergen is a Senior Political Analyst for CNN, offering an in-depth look at government in a bipartisan fashion.
  2. Van Jones – Formerly a special advisor to Barack Obama, and a co-host of CNN’s political debate show Crossfire, Van Jones is a Political Analyst for CNN
  3. Dana Perino – The former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush, Dana Perino is currently a co-host on Fox News’ talk show The Five.
  4. Anderson Cooper – Having worked as a reporter and correspondent for shows like 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper is one of the more popular names in the world of news and politics, and hosts Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.
  5. Brit Hume – A former Chief White House Correspondent for ABC, and managing editor for Fox News, Brit Hume is a Senior Political Analyst and regular panelist for Fox News.

Political Duos

Why hire a Political Duo? Both sides of the aisle are represented, and a duo can spur debates that are entertaining and popular among companies, associations, and universities.

  1. James Carville & Mary Matalin – These two seasoned analysts are currently one of the most popular speaking duos, and are also husband and wife.
  2. Jim Messina & Karl Rove – Democrat and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and campaign manager to President Obama, Jim Messina is a political analyst and runs The Messina Group political consulting firm. Previously a Senior Advisor and White House Chief of Staff to George W. Bush, Karl Rove is a political analyst and contributor to Newsweek, Fox News, and The Wall Street Journal
  3. Joe Sacrborough & Mika Brzezinski – Co-Hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, this duo brings excitement and combative debate to political analysis.

Economy + Politics

Why would you hire a Political and Economic Specialist? With so much speculation on the future of the nation’s economy, these speakers analyze the policies put forth by government and lend insight into how they will affect the economy.

  1. Geoff Colvin – Formerly having regular business segments on PBS and CBS, Geoffrey Colvin is a senior editor at Fortune Magazine and renowned author.
  2. Robert Reich – An economist and author who has served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, Robert Reich is also a political commentator and professor of Public Policy.
  3. Steve Forbes – Twice a candidate in the republican party’s primary race, Steve Forbes is the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine, and a trusted resource on policy and American business.
  4. Katty Kay – The lead anchor of BBC World News America, Katty Kay is especially experienced in international news and women’s power in the workforce.
  5. Ron Insana – A former hedge fund manager and business news anchor, Ron Insana is a Senior Analyst and commentator for CNBC.

Political Satire

Why hire a Political Satirist? Politics can be a heavy topic, and humor can be precisely what your audience is looking for. These speakers entertain the crowd while still keeping the topic relevant.

  1. Dennis Miller – Formerly a cast member of Saturday Night Live and talk show host, Dennis Miller is a stand-up comedian and political commentator who often engages in humorous back-and-forth with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.
  2. Seth Meyers – A widely popular comedian, writer, and producer, Seth Meyers is currently the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC.
  3. Bill Maher – An experienced comedian and talk show host, with past shows on Comedy Central and ABC, Bill Maher is the host of political talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher.


Why hire a Political Powerhouse? These are the names that everyone knows, and will create buzz around your event.

  1. George W. Bush – Formerly a businessman in the oil industry, George W. Bush would become the 46th Governor of Texas, and then the 43rd President of the United States. A mainstay on the speaker circuit, GWB is always a major hit.
  2. Mitt Romney – With business experience in consulting and wealth management, Mitt Romney would serve as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts, and later run for President as the republican nominee in 2012.
  3. Al Gore – With experience as an investigative reporter and as a lawyer, Al Gore has served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as being the 45th Vice President of the United States.
  4. Condoleezza Rice – Previously serving on the boards of various fortune 500 companies, Condoleezza Rice was the 20th National Security Advisor, followed by the 66th Secretary of State for the United States under George W. Bush.
  5. Colin Powell – A retired four-star general, Colin Powell has served as National Security Advisor, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and as the 65th Secretary of State of the United States.

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